Texas Instruments

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36-V; 4-A Synchronous Converter
Code: LM60440DRPKR
ADC I2C-Comptble 10B ADC
Battery Charger (Li-Ion)
Code: BQ24610RGER
Battery Protection (Li-Ion) 2 cells
Code: BQ29209DRBR
DisplayPort 2:1 Differential Switch
Code: HD3SS215RTQR
Inverter (Inverting Logic Gate)
Code: 74LVC1GU04DRLRG4
Linear Regulator 100-mA, 30-V
Code: TLV76015DBZR
Regulator (Buck-Boost) 2-V to 36-V, 1-A output, 2-MHz, 5-V or 12-V Code: TPS55165QPWPRQ1
Supervisor (Voltage Detector), Active Low, Open Drain Code: TPS3711DDCR

Page 1 of 1 - 9 items total